See the Possibilities

VisApp, LLC received the award for the Best Website for Generating Leads at the 2012 BizTech Innovation Summit in Tampa, Florida. The site is a leading provider of free visualization software for homeowners, allowing them to visualize home improvement and landscaping projects before engaging any service providers and beginning remodeling projects. The Tampa Bay Technology Forum and their partner, the Tampa Bay Business Journal, honored the company today at the awards luncheon held at Tampa Bay Convention Center.

“We are thrilled to be chosen for this award,” said creator and VisApp founder, Bobbie Ayers. Bobbie is a 20 year veteran entrepreneur of visualization software that allows homeowners to express their improvement ideas by providing them as user friendly online home remodeling and landscape visualization tools. “Homeowners can dream their home and landscaping ideas better by expressing them in visual representations.” empowers homeowners to visualize their projects at the design stage, select products, share their vision with family and friends, and even request bids from contractors. The website provides Visualizers for homeowners to view changes to seven (7) areas of their home; Paint Colors, Home Accessories, Roofing, Doors & Windows, Siding, Lighting, and Landscaping.

Homeowners can upload their own photos, then select and change interior and exterior paint, doors, windows, roofing, exterior siding, columns, decks, landscape plants, fountains, patio furniture, and much more. is free to homeowners. Manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors provide the product information and images through a subscription service so homeowners can view real-world brand-name products directly in their projects.


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